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     Recently I started using some new software tools for editing my photos. Nik Software by google makes a series of plug-ins for photo editing. Their software brings an advanced and amazing technology to post processing.

     Their software programs use control point technology to increase the control over what you do in an image. To use control points all you do is drop one in your photo. The point will then automatically select only what you dropped it on and then lets you adjust controls for that area. To name a few things that you can adjust: add sharpening, blur, brighten, darken, saturate, presets, filter, and an innumerable amount of other options.

     These points work by recognizing the color, tone, and texture of the area they are on. Then they look for other areas in the image that have very similar colors, tones, and textures to apply the edits to. To increase the control that you have, all control points have an adjustable radius. You manually set this radius to tell the point where to look. Inside the circle of application around a point, it selects areas that are similar to the point you dropped it on. If it finds an area that is very similar outside the radius, it may also select that as well to apply its edits.

     You may think that with the points being so smart that they may out-do themselves and not work the way that you want. In my testing of the software I have found them to be very capable, smart, and useful almost to the point that it seems they read my mind.

     With all of this power and capabilities, you would think that there might be some bad news, such as price for example. However, the price is very good. It is only $149 for the collection of software which includes these plug-ins: a color filter effects piece, a B&W conversion piece (considered the best on the market), tonal correction piece, sharpening, noise reduction section, and HDR merging. The real problem is that they are plug-ins that are made to launch out of another program. They work with Lightroom, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, or Aperture. If you have one of these programs, try a free trial and see if it works for you.

I don't have any connection to google, nik, or any other companies for that matter. I just like good tools that help me get the job done. Get out an try some editing on your photos, or let me do it. Have a great day,

- Graceson Aufderheide

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