The holidays are just about here. We just had our annual Christmas caroling party last night, and I was a blast. I hope that everyone is getting into the spirit of things, and I just wanted to give you some more ideas for photographing the season. Here are some creative options for new photographic endeavors:

     1. Try a Christmas time lapse - Set up your camera in the corner of your living room, and take a time lapse of everyone opening their gifts. Try taking an image every couple of seconds to capture everything. You can also try the same thing in the kitchen while you prepare your dinner. This is a fabulous way to capture what you do during this special season, and remember it for years to come.

     2. Play with long exposures - With all the lights out at this time of year what better to do than get out the camera and photograph them? Play with light painting and long exposures to create abstract images. Create ghosts of yourself by standing in the dark and shining a light on yourself and then moving. Play with the whole family and see what you can create by condensing time into a single frame.

     3. Try monochrome - Play with converting your images to black and white. Once you get into the monochrome world and see how much you can do just with contrast it becomes impossible to stop. It takes a slightly different view, and some experimenting to find subjects that work in black and white. Usually the best subjects have contrast and texture, both thing all around us this season. Some subjects can be found in ornaments, food, faces, and nature. Give grayscale a try, and see what you can come up with.

Have a merry Christmas,

Graceson Aufderheide

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