Viveza 2 – What is it? What is it for?

     Viveza 2 is part of the Nik Collection by Google. It is used to selectively change brightness, contrast, and color in image. However, unlike standard editing software which uses a brush for you to paint in the effect, Viveza uses Nik's control points. If you don't know what control points are you should read my previous blog post.

Lets have a look around Viveza 2:


The entire Viveza Interface:


These are the controls for both global and control point edits. There are more sliders than this. To open them type the "E" Key or click the button in the top right corner.


The button to collapse/expand the sliders:


The expanded sliders:


The buttons to add, group, and ungroup control points. If you prefer, you can use the shortcut "Shift+Command/Control+A" to add a control point, and "Command/Control+G" and "Shift+Command/Control+G" to group and ungroup respectively.


This is where all of your control points will show up as you add them. Once you add them, there will be a check box on the left to turn each control point on and off. The check box on the right will show you the selected portions of that control point.


The loupe that shows a before and after, as well as a detailed view for placing control points. The little pin icon is so that you can lock it in place.


From left to right: Select Tool, Move Tool, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Darken Background, Expand/Collapse Sidebar.


From left to right: Complete view, Split Before/After View, Side-by-Side Before/After View, Preview Changes.



The next step is editing to see what we can do:


The first step is to place a control point, and set its radius using the very first slider. Here I am preparing to edit this juniper seed.


Once I let go of the radius slider, all of the sliders should appear. If only the first four are shown, hit your E key or press the button as discussed above.


Now I am able to adjust the settings of this control point as I wish. Here I am editing the contrast, so all the other sliders disappear. 


By clicking the check box next to the 5%, I turn on the live mask mode, for that control point, where the software shows me what is being affected.


Now Viveza is showing us that this control point is mainly editing the seed, but there is a little bleed off to the back ground. This could easily be fixed by dropping some neutral control points around it, to mask off that area. However, it doesn't make much of a difference in this case so I am going to leave it.


Next I placed a point in the background to make some edits there. However, instead of making the radius of the one point really big, I decided to duplicate the same point and spread them out. To duplicate a point you can select it and press Command/Control+C to copy it, and then Command/Control+V to paste it, you can hold Option/Alt and click and drag a duplicate, or you can use the duplicate button under the control point panel.


Here you can see all of the duplicated points and the first one:


Now I have selected all of them by holding Shift and clicking on each of them. Another method is to just drag around them (a marque selection will appear). Then I clicked the group button to group them all together. Another way to group them together is it to press Command/Control+G.


Here is the list of all the control points before grouping, and then after:



That just about wraps it up for this photo. Viveza makes it really easy to edit the essential elements of a photo selectively. That is the main power of this part of the collection. Here is a short movie to show the before fade to the after:

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- Graceson Aufderheide

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2 responses to “Viveza 2 – What is it? What is it for?

  1. Buenos Dias Graceson!
    I Miss seeing you! I was in Ojai for a brief time and announced on FB that I would be there. I had no cellular service since Mexican frequencies are much different than the U.S. I have added a some new photos on my Travel/Zenfolio portfolio. Im now organizing photography workshops here in Ajijic! Ill let you know when the website is completed. Remember that you are always welcome to come and visit me here Graceson. You will have a blast!

    • Graceson Aufderheide says:

      I’m sorry I missed you. I was probably at Midland though. Anyways, now I am done there and off to Pomona College next year. Let me by email next time you visit.


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