Lower Young Lake Sunset

     Photography is a very visual art form and process. Everything is about the look of an image, so that is can impart emotions, moods, and stories to the viewer. The visual information in a photo is everything to the medium. There is no added texture in a normal print, no third dimension. Even painters can use their paint to create some different textures, but not in photography. This means that for a photograph to really capture a viewer, it must show something new. Not necessarily a new subject, just show something in a new light. Or maybe the image captures a new moment, shares something new about a subject. That is one part of a striking photo, but there is more. There is of course good technical form, but that doesn't really show itself in the final image the way the style does. But there is one last part: composition. Composition is extremely important. Without good composition the most fantastic subject looses power over the viewer. But with good composition, the most abstract and mundane objects become amazing to behold. I believe that to get each of these parts in a photograph consistently, all you need is time. One is time to let your eye develop, but to do that there is another part that requires time: shooting. Next time you go out shooting take your time before taking each photo. explore the composition carefully before pressing the button. But at the same time, take lots of photos of the same thing. Force yourself to try new things, force yourself to photograph the same subject in ten or more different ways. However, don't just snap each of the ten variations and leave. No, take your time with each of the ten to refine it. Thing about what you are doing. This will help capture the new light, and capture it in a new and exciting frame. All it takes is time.

-Graceson Aufderheide

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