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Lightroom has many different ways of categorizing images, however, how do you take advantage of all this? One of the easiest ways is to use the filter bar at the top of the screen in the Library module. There are four different options at the top of the bar: text, attribute, metadata, and none. Text allows you to enter text into the search field and then Lightroom will return all the images who meet the criteria. For example, if I enter "bird" into the field Lightroom shows me all of my images with bird attached to it in some way:

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The next option you can choose in attribute. This is where you can choose various attributes attached to images such as flags, star ratings, color labels, and the kind of the file. For example, I can choose to see all of my photos with 5 stars:

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The next option is metadata. Metadata allows you to filter your catalogue by information that usually comes from the camera. For example, here I am sorting by images that I shot with a 17-40mm lens:

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The last option none which turns off all the filtering options. This makes sense because you can use all of the different options at the same time to get the exact images you want. For example, here is a combination of all the previous filtering options I applied (bird, 5 stars, shot with a 17-40mm lens):

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 10.39.47 PM

Being able to combine all of these attributes together to sort your photos is a quick and easy way to get to the images that you want quickly and easily.

- Graceson Aufderheide

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