New Site! Why I Moved, What’s Changed, and Goldsmithing

Hi Everyone,

I am pleased to announce that my new website is finally finished. The overall look and feel is still very much the same (though there are multiple sites which I will discuss later) however, I am running on an entirely new platform. I used to host my website through Zenfolio. They were an amazing service: fast and helpful customer service, great platform, easy to use, great aesthetics, etc.. So why did I switch? Well, I needed a little more flexibility than their template system could offer. Don't get me wrong, you can do a ton of stuff with a Zenfolio site if you want but I was ready to start coding parts of my site which was part of the reason I switched. The other reason was that I needed a more flexible shopping cart which would let me sell things other than photos (like my photo editing service). So, about a year ago I began to look around at other options for building a photography site. I eventually found a small company which appeared to meet my needs perfectly. So, I finally decided to make the switch a few months ago. What's the name of this new service you might ask? Well, I am now using a set of programs made by The Turning Gate. At first I was a little nervous, but the decision to move has been one of the best things I have done recently. The Turning Gate is an awesome system. It has tons of capabilities if you are willing to spend the time to do a little coding. Also, the service is amazing. While they don't have a support staff or anything, the two developers and a few devoted users moderate and help people on their community forum. I had a few problems getting set up and the forum always provided quick, effective, and friendly help.

If you were familiar with my previous site, you will have no undoubtedly noticed that there are now multiple parts to my website. The part of the site you are currently on mainly has information about me and what I do. Then, I have my photography site which is almost the same as my old site. The new part, however, is my goldsmith section. This part of my site is devoted to my jewelry and small metal work. This is a relatively new creative output for me, but it has quickly become one of my favorites as I now work and apprentice in a goldsmith shop new my house. This site is still growing as I learn new techniques and produce more work.

Now that I have three sites (this main one with the blog, the goldsmith one, and the photography one) this blog is going to start expanding into new topics. I will still cover Lightroom and Photoshop techniques as well as photography stories and tips, but I also plan to start blogging about my metal work, other hobbies, and tips for using The Turning Gate system. If you are mainly interested in one subject type, you will be able to filter posts based on categories. Also, you can always send me a message or leave a comment requesting a particular subject. I plan to start blogging weekly again now that this site is up and running.

-Graceson Aufderheide

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