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If you have ever had your camera next to your computer when working in Lightroom you might have noticed that the color on your computer looks dull, washed-out and unappealing compared to your camera. This will only happen if you shoot RAW (which does give you the best quality). The reason for this problem is that RAW images can't be displayed without some sort of processing. Lightroom, for example, creates jpg previews of each of your images to show you. In fact, whenever you look at any of your images in Lr you are only looking at a small preview. Because RAW images require some sort of processing, Adobe had to decide out how to show each image. They settled on processing the image as little as possible.


Check out the before and after, paying special attention to the bright oranges and faded blues.

This is the reason the colors in your images don't look good. However, Adobe has also included other color profiles which try to mimic what you see on the back of the camera. In order to get stronger colors and sharper images you will need to change the profile that Lightroom uses to process your images. This is done by going into the Develop Module > Camera Calibration > Profile: Adobe Standard. I suggest that you change this setting to Profile: Camera Faithful, or Profile: Camera Standard. Here is an image of the setting to better show you where to adjust you settings:

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 12.54.42 AM

I suggest that you use one of the profiles that starts with "camera..." because these will replicate what you see on the back of your camera. I also suggest that you change this setting for all your images. While the change may appear small at first the difference in the final product is impressive.

Beware, there is a possibility that your camera isn't going to have all the options shown in the image. First, I have a couple of custom profiles installed that won't be there. More importantly, though, is that every single camera model has its own profiles built in created by the manufacture company. These profiles are only used on jpg images, so Adobe has tried to replicate them in Lr however, they don't have profiles for all cameras out there.

- Graceson Aufderheide

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