Color in Lightroom – Important Settings

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If you have ever had your camera next to your computer when working in Lightroom you might have noticed that the color on your computer looks dull, washed-out and unappealing compared to your camera. This will only happen if you shoot RAW (which does give you the best quality). The reason for this problem is that ... Read more

Today’s Favorite: Gazing


This is my most recent photograph. I was up late one night to try and photograph a cactus. Well, not exactly a cactus. We have a century plant in our back yard which has gone to flower. It hasn’t completed its cycle yet, but it has sent up a really tall stalk with branches covered in ... Read more

Jewelry is For Sale Online!

It has been a while since I finished these new sites now, but up until now my jewelry site has only been a portfolio. That has just changed. I recently learned a little more about the system I am using for the new websites, and I finally found out how to create different types of ... Read more

New Prints!

Ever since I moved websites I have been considering changing to a new printer. When I used Zenfolio, I was locked into using their labs because I didn’t feel like self-fulfilling. However, now that I have to self-fulfill I decided to use a new lab. I am now working with Color Services in Santa Barbara. ... Read more

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Image of GracesonMy name is Graceson Aufderheide, but you have probably figured that out already. I am currently a senior in high school who photographs, teaches, and makes jewelry. I have always been creating, that is what I do.
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