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Orientation: Quick Tip

Birdhouse Fence      There are two orientations for an image. One is “landscape” where the image’s longest sides are horizontal, and “portrait” where they are vertical. While nice guidelines, it is perfectly fine to shoot a horizontal person or a vertical landscape. It all depends on the subject or scene. Next time you  are ... Read more

Nik Collection

     Recently I started using some new software tools for editing my photos. Nik Software by google makes a series of plug-ins for photo editing. Their software brings an advanced and amazing technology to post processing.      Their software programs use control point technology to increase the control over what you do in an ... Read more


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Image of GracesonMy name is Graceson Aufderheide, but you have probably figured that out already. I am currently a senior in high school who photographs, teaches, and makes jewelry. I have always been creating, that is what I do.
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